Fence building in Ontario
Fence building in Ontario


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The wooden fence around the house consists of posts, for which it is necessary to dig holes. It is important that the pit has enough space for the post, and at the same time it is securely fixed so that the structure does not wobble. Digging holes in the ground is carried out with special equipment, and the whole work is carried out by an experienced team of builders.


Before starting to dig, the team performs a number of preparations:

  • Measures the length, width and depth of the hole.
  • Selects equipment for drilling.
  • Drills the holes.
  • Installs fence posts.

The cost of the service depends on parameters such as the length, width and depth of the hole in inches, as well as the need for additional services such as taking out old posts, digging by hand or drilling into wood.

The presence of a fence on the property gives a number of advantages to the owner of the house and household members:

  • Reliable protection against unauthorized access.
  • The ability to maintain order and rational space allocation.
  • Protection of children and pets: if there is a fence, not a single cat or dog will run away from the territory, and the child can be gradually accustomed to independence by letting him or her walk around the property area.
  • The ability to hide utility rooms and everything that you do not wish to show to strangers.

Thanks to the fence, you can protect your home from prying eyes and the entry of unsolicited guests into the territory. This is a good help for the owners, which provides not only comfort, but also safety. Before installing a fence, it is important to choose the right type of wood and enlist the support of experienced craftsmen who will dig holes and install the structure on site. Thanks to properly dug holes, the fence will stand reliably and for a long time. Professionals do the job in such a way that the fence won’t need to be redone, and it will be invulnerable to any weather conditions.


If you wish to request such a service, you can do this through the inquiry form on our website. The manager will contact you in the near future to clarify and confirm your wishes and schedule a visit of the estimator, which is included in the cost of our services. All jobs are carried out strictly according to the contract, where all the rights and obligations of the parties are listed. You can leave your feedback about the quality of our work on the appropriate websites, and share your impressions about the cooperation with our team.

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