Wooden fence installation


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Fences have very important functions and present the culmination of building a house. First of all, fencing sets the boundary of living space and protects it from unauthorized access. This is the reason why fences should be reliable and durable. Fencing also plays a demonstrative role in the exterior of house design, which gives importance to its aesthetic value. Keep in mind that fence provides a showcase of a house, so it must be visually attractive and adapted to the tastes of residents. Building a good fence is a responsible task.

Types of wooden fences

There are many types of modern fences from wood. The choice depends on your preferences, tastes, and requirements. Modern wooden fencing is diverse in appearance, texture, color, size, and shape. It is worth highlighting several types of wooden fences that can be used around the site.
The first option commonly used to enclose the site is a fence from shields. The most popular is a solid fence, while sometimes it may have some small, for example, openwork, decorative elements. The complete solid filling of enclosing structure, indeed, provides comfort and entire protection from the eyes of unwanted people or animal access. For gardens, hanging shield fences perform their function very well.
A wooden fence made of lamellas is the second option to choose from. This type of fence offers more decorative elements of different forms, often very original.

The third type is a pure classic — a wooden picket fence. These structures have been known for decades, if not hundreds of years. Typical picket fences often resemble country gardens, but they underwent a certain evolution. Today, to make a durable and long-lasting composition picket fences are installed on solid or pillar concrete foundations. The traditional version of the picket fence is suitable for almost any site.

Old farm wooden fencing becomes more and more popular. This is one of the most beautiful options available on the market. Typically, in modern life this option is used to fence a summer cottage or forest park. A farm fence is an option for people who do not really care about privacy, since the fence, which clearly marks the site borders, does not completely hide its area from observation. Also, farm fencing does not protect areas from small pests.

Lattice fences are also common, not as a site fence, but in the role of an internal one. A wooden lattice fence is a good solution for separating the interior parts of the site. It is also very often used in gardens, to support climbing plants.

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