Wooden Fence Installation, Drilling Fence Post Holes


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Wooden fence installation is a process that requires some skill and knowledge but is generally quite simple. Before installing the fence, it is necessary to prepare the ground, level it and make holes for posts.

To dig post holes, you need an earth drill or an electric drill machine. For stable support of fencing, each hole must be at least 60 cm (24 inches) deep. Otherwise, the fence will sag over time, or some posts may fall. The distance between holes is selected according to the size of fence sections and manufacturer’s recommendations.

To dig holes for poles, do following:

  • Determine the locations of future holes, and mark them.
  • Choose a suitable boring bit and fix it in the electric hammer drill (or take an earth drill in the case of soft ground).
  • Start drilling at the marked locations, and control the drilling depth and angle.
  • Do the same for other hole locations.
  • Check that the holes match the post dimensions and depth.

Wear goggles and protective mask when drilling, and regularly check holes for right location and being almost vertical.

After preparing the holes, install pillars and fix them with concrete mortar. After the concrete has completely hardened, you may begin to install the rungs and panels. It is important to consider that wooden materials require protection from moisture and heat, so it is recommended to cover them with a special varnish or polyurethane. You should also take into account the regulations of local authorities and building codes.

To install wooden poles into the ready holes, you need following:

  • Check holes for matching posts with right size and depth.
  • Align the posts and fit them into the holes, adjusting to the right or left if necessary.
  • Tighten the crossbars.
  • Install additional supports like anchors or pegs if necessary.
  • Check that poles are firmly installed and do not wobble.

It is important to use only quality materials and installation tools to ensure the safety and durability of fencing.

The last step is to install a gate or wicket, if they are provided in the project. They also must be properly installed with same recommendations to check for vertical aligning and ensure reliable functionality over time.

In conclusion: installing wood fences is a process that a home master can do on his or her own with simple tools and materials. However, if there is any doubt or inexperience, it is better to contact a professional master for a quality installation.

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