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Are you planning on building a deck? Then, you’ve found the right company! At Proper Construction we are a team of highly experienced and professional builders that provide quality construction solutions and help you accomplish your deck projects for you to enjoy your living space at a maximum. 

Reasons for Building a Deck

Decks are a beautiful addition to your backyard and home overall. Apart from the fact that they add to the value of your property, they also expand the space of your property. Decks have become very common these days, and more households choose to build one. A deck gives the ability to relax and enjoy outside at the comfort of your home, have a quite family time, enjoy breakfast, or simply have some quite time to yourself. Some homeowners also feel decks are a finishing touch to their homes since they complete the overall appearance of their properties. From the cost point of view, they’re also one of the most effective ways to increase the value of your property. Decks can be constructed out of various materials, such as: 

  • Pressure-treated wood: the most common material; soaked with chemicals against insects, moisture and rotting 
  • Cedar: considered a higher quality material than pressure-treated; also has natural tannins making it resistant to insects, rotting and decomposition 
  • PVC: polyvinyl chloride plastics; much more expensive than wood that requires almost no maintenance, including staining and sanding
  • Composite: a mix of various density polyethylene and wood; low-cost alternative that requires minimal care, not even sanding or refinishing  
  • IPE: exotic high density hardwood from Central and South America; due to high density and natural tannins resistant to rotting and insects
  • Fiberglass: waterproofing deck coating material;  one of the longest lasting alternatives with low maintenance resistant to moisture

Can I Choose a Custom Deck? 

The answer is Yes. While some of the deck designs are quite simple, you can choose to build a more personalized and customed deck. Our specialists will help you with making up your mind around choosing the style and materials for your project, whether it is simply railings or the overall design of your deck. Sometimes the design may also depend on the purpose of your deck usage – if you tell us what you want to use your deck for, we will then help you finalize the design of it and provide our recommendations. However, the final say is yours – our professional team will deliver the deck of your dreams the way you want and see it, and provide high quality craftsmanship. 

Additional Decking Services:

Gazebo/Pergola Installations 

Deck maintenance: repairing of the existing deck, staining, building a private wall

Privacy Walls and Reasons to Install Them 

To add extra privacy to your outdoor living space, you may choose to instal a privacy wall or screen. Some homeowners choose to build privacy walls around their decks in addition to their fences to limit their neighbours’ curiosity at maximum. 

Our team builds privacy walls and privacy screens of a broad range of shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Privacy screens on the other hand, are usually installed to cover a small space. For example, some families choose to isolate their hot tubs and swimming pools. They also provide a safer place for your children and pet to spend time within the premises of your outdoor living space. 

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With over 8 years of experience, Proper Construction is everything you need from A to Z for your decking needs ranging from deck building to deck maintenance. Our team members are professionally trained, highly experienced craftsmen ready to make your dream projects come true. Let us handle the dirty work for you. Contact Proper Construction estimator today to obtain your free estimate.

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