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Deck Building in Toronto

Deck Dreaming? How to Get the Backyard Deck You Want at a Price You Can Afford

Deck Building in Toronto

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February 19, 2024

A backyard deck can provide valuable outdoor living space and add beauty and functionality to your home. However, decks are major projects that require careful planning regarding design, materials and budget. Follow this advice to get the deck you want without breaking the bank.

Start by Considering Your Needs

Determine how you want to use the space. Entertaining guests? Relaxing with family? Doing yoga? Grill master station? This will inform the ideal location, size, shape and features. Standard wood decking works for most purposes, but composite boards offer added durability and lower maintenance. Carefully measure to optimize usable area without excess.

Set a Realistic Budget

Professional deck construction averages $25-$45 per square foot but can range from $15-$100 per square foot depending on materials, complexity and more. Be sure to account for demolition and disposal if replacing an existing deck. Get quotes from several deck builders for accurate pricing. Focus more on quality than cutting corners to save money.

Secure Permits and HOA Approval

Most areas require permits for deck construction to ensure safety and compliance with zoning laws. Research local regulations and submit detailed plans for approval before starting work. If part of a homeowners association, ensure the design meets covenants and restrictions. Doing this legwork upfront prevents issues down the road.

Choose the Right Materials

Decking, fasteners and railings make up the majority of material costs. Pressure-treated lumber is inexpensive, widely available and easy to work with. More durable and splinter-free composites cost 2-3 times more but save on annual maintenance. Use hidden fasteners to minimize splintering. Aluminum balusters add style without ongoing upkeep. Discuss options with your contractor.

Take Advantage of Cool-Season Discounts

Because installing a deck requires moderate temperatures and dry conditions, most contractors offer 10-20% discounts on projects booked for winter and early spring. You’ll also have an easier time scheduling reputable companies during their off-season slow period. Just be sure to wait until frost laws lift for digging post holes.

Prepare the Site

Remove old structures, plants, sod and debris from the area, allowing 3-5 feet clear space around the perimeter. Proper drainage and grading prevents water pooling under the deck, causing rot and mold over time. Install drain piping, gravel backfill and landscaping fabric for best results. Consider retaining walls on slopes to expand flat space.

Hire Professional Installers

Skilled deck builders properly engineer the structure, meet local codes, have specialized tools and expertise working with various materials, and complete work efficiently in stages. Get quotes from several companies and ask for referrals and examples of previous work. Many provide custom design visualization so you know exactly what to expect.

Incorporate Built-In Features

Consider adding amenities like planters, benches, lighting, pergolas and storage lockers during initial construction for a cohesive look while costs are already sunk into the project. You can also leave stubs for easy hot tub electrical hookup. Just beware upgrades can inflate the budget. Prioritize must-haves over nice-to-haves.

Be Patient During the Building Phase

From demolishing the old structure to final inspection, expect deck installation to take 2-6 weeks depending on size and complexity. The crew may make it unusable during active work, but communicate about daily expectations so you can plan around it. Once complete, your new entertainment oasis will provide years of uncompromised backyard living at a reasonable one-time investment.

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